Pop Up bat file!

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Pop Up bat file!

Post by 1doZ on 16/6/2009, 18:51

Pop Up bat file!

Open a notpad and put the following!
Then save it as omg.bat
Anixe ena notpad kai vale ta akoloutha
Istera apothikeusi os omg.bat

msg * Hi
msg * My name is GoD!
msg * I thing you have a problem now!
msg * Lets Play!
msg * I need some files!
msg * OK
msg * I stating download your!
msg * Your ^^
msg * Your! ^^
msg * Photos! xD
msg * when it done
msg * i put all your photos to network
msg * Muahahahahahahahha ^^
msg * Are you ok?
msg * Are you?
msg * Now! close you pc!
msg * And i fuck them! Joke!

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