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Super Mario Galaxy

Post by Dj-TikefloGR on 14/2/2009, 01:30

Super Mario Galaxy

The Super Mario Galaxy songs!
01-Title theme
02-Choose a planet
03-Choose a planet(2)
04-The story begins
05-Star festival
06-Waking up
07-Chasing the bunnies
08-Found you!!
09-First steps
10-Choose a Galaxy
11-Secret ground
12-Space peace
13-Be careful
15-Space junk galaxy
16-Retro theme
17-Battlerock galaxy
18-Bowser star reactor
19-The library
20-Tear galaxy
21-Beach Bowl galaxy
22-The way to the boss
23-Retro theme 2
24-Ghostly galaxy
25-Buoy base galaxy
26-Airship armada
27-Fish tunnel galaxy
28-Gusty garden galaxy
29-Freezeflame galaxy(Ice)
30-Freezeflame galaxy(fire)
31-Dusty dune galaxy
32-Go go go!!
33-Toy time galaxy
34-The power to fly
36-Ending theme
37-Egg Planet (Main Overworld Theme)
38-Honeyhive galaxy (re-up)
39-Sweet Cake Galaxy


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